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100WC By Zahra

Dear Diary, yesterday I arrived back from holiday and the most unusual thing happened! I skipped downstairs into the garden to play and…I spotted people that I didn’t know! They spoke to me and squealed “Heyyo, woo lare hoo?”! Some of the words sounded like a foreign language! I managed to figure out that squealed … Continue reading »

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What we have been doing this week By Zahra

❤This week we have been doing a lot of maths on Column Method but now we’re moving on to Time! Yesterday (27/3/14), we did a time assesment! I skipped some questions because I didn’t know how to do 24 Hour Time! It was pretty tricky!! 😀   By Zahra

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At school we have been learning about Tutankhamun who is an Ancient Egyptian god. Here is a great website where you can find out facts about Tutankhamun!

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