The Wild Wood 3T

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Protected: Pupil Questionnaires

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Maths Calculations Help Term 6

Division by chunking using a number line


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The Water Cycle

Check out the links below to find out about the Water Cycle:


South East Water Cycle Game

Thirstin’s Water Cycle 

The Cloud Game

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Eat Happy Project

On Thursday 7th May, Year 3 had the opportunity to participate in an online field trip in conjunction with the Eat Happy Project run by Tesco’s.  Check out the video below:


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Monster Mathletics Mash-Ups follow up

Below is the prezi that was shown to parents who attended the Monster Mathletics Mash-Ups over the last two weeks

We urge you to visit and sign up to receive a weekly report on your child’s use of Mathletics, and progress through the program. Your child’s class teacher will be sending home your child’s login details which you will need, in order to sign up.

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Fantastic Information- Tutankhamun

Please check out this fantastic website which shows lots of resources linked to the discovery of Tutankhamun. There are photographs and transcripts of the archaeologists diaries.  Have a look!

Griffin Institute  

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E-Safety ideas for presentation

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Ancient Egyptians

Here are some resources linked to the Ancient Egyptians. Enjoy!

Egyptian Tomb Game

Learn about the Egyptian Gods

Make a mummy

Egyptian Creation Myth and information on the gods

Mythic Journeys Egyptian Information

National Geographic Kids Egyptians

BBC Ancient Egyptians

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Term 4 Week 1 Dictation

Here are the dictations for Group A and B for the first week in term 4.

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