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Learning about Europe and its animals

Posted by on July 1, 2015

Hello Tonbridge,

Please check out the following links to help you learn about the continent we are studying in Arts Week.

Let’s Explore Europe

Historical Maps of Europe

Here are some sites to find out about Hedgehogs and European Hawk Owls.Hedgehogs

National Geographic – Hedgehogs

Young People’s Trust For the Environment-Hedgehogs

Planet Science-Hedgehogs

Britannica- Hawk Owl

Hawk Owl

All about Animals-Hawk Owl

The Peregrine Fund- Eurasian Hawk Owl

The Brothers Grimm wrote tales about both the Hedgehog and the Owl.

One Response to Learning about Europe and its animals

  1. Lilianne

    Very interesting facts about the hedge hog, owl and Europe! Now I know a lot about owls, hedge hogs and Europe!

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