Maths Calculations Help Term 6

Division by chunking using a number line


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PE Visit at M.G.G.S.

















On Friday we visited M.G.G.S.  for another thrilling PE lesson!  Once there we started with a warm up then split into teams of four.  As you can see from our photos, a fantastic time was had!

DSC00840DSC00893 DSC00878 DSC00864DSC00880




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Term 3 and 4 Homework Challenge!


In case the homework sheet doesn’t make it home at the weekend,

here is a back up. homework year 3 term 2


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Home Learning Competition

For your convenience, here is a link to our home learning points sheet homework year 3 term 1 .  This competition runs up to Christmas.

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Wind in the Willows Freeze Frames



DSC00278     DSC00276

Recently in PE, we pretended, using dance movement, to be in a scene out of The Wind in the Willows, or a fantasy freeze frame of what the children would love to do in Mr Toad’s garden.   Take a look  at our                       fabulous photos!

!DSC01271                  DSC01275



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Learning about Africa

Please have a look at the links below to help you learn about Africa.

Ducksters information about Africa

Explore Africa

If you find anymore useful sites, let your teachers know.

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Learning about Europe and its animals

Hello Tonbridge,

Please check out the following links to help you learn about the continent we are studying in Arts Week.

Let’s Explore Europe

Historical Maps of Europe

Here are some sites to find out about Hedgehogs and European Hawk Owls.Hedgehogs

National Geographic – Hedgehogs

Young People’s Trust For the Environment-Hedgehogs

Planet Science-Hedgehogs

Britannica- Hawk Owl

Hawk Owl

All about Animals-Hawk Owl

The Peregrine Fund- Eurasian Hawk Owl

The Brothers Grimm wrote tales about both the Hedgehog and the Owl.

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Arts Week

As part of Arts week, we will be looking at what culture means.

It would be fantastic if you could watch the following video and have your thoughts and opinions ready to share next week.

We will also looking at stories from the continents we will be studying.  Leeds are studying Africa and Tonbridge are studying Europe.
The animals we will be focusing on for the batik designs will be:
Tonbridge- Eagle Owl and Hedgehog
Leeds- Giraffe and Lion
The Story Museum has some fantastic stories from the different continents.  Let us know what you think of these stories and which you would like to study further.
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Pollination in Plants video

Pollination of yam plants

Fertilisation of plants

How do plants produce seeds?

In Term six we are investigating plants and how they grow.  Children might like to explore the information in these video clips. They could be encouraged to grow their own plants eg cress, beans and peas or herbs at home and observe their growth.


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The Wild Wood 3L

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